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The Trippy Adventure of Abiding Axolotl


This world is an expression of a trippy journey of an LSD affected Axolotl. Unawereness about the future earth, unenforced laws and sea pollution causes  hard times for sea creatures exactly while they confront with garbages. This unevitable confrontation leads some to sickness, some to death. One day... An innocent Axolotl saw something shiny in sea algea. That shiny thing changed everything...

About Axolotl

Road Map

- the collection is to be 10k pieces

-The exact release date is December 3rd

-After 3.000 sale the game will be released

-There will be donation in every 100 sales for sea world and 
they will be shared from both twitter and discord

-there will be a special room just for axolotl owners which hosts chat, announcements and 



Road Map
About Us

2404 is a visual artist community based in Europe, 2020, working on NFT collectibles and background contents. The society consisted of talented and forward-looking designers with a long term experience extending to 10 years.


Fundamental Fox
unnamed (2).png

Fundamental Fox

Fundamental Fox is a pack of foxes in disguise which escaped from a massive dreadful hunting took place in whole world to hold a place in BlockChain system. It's skillfully curated by 2404 designers and only available on Opensea. Gotta catch 'em all!

unnamed (1).png


They are coming… Slow but trustfully. They have had enough of your sickness over them, so they mutated to a prettier version of themselves. They are waiting to befriended by you. Most importantly, every snail you get will turn into a young tree in the forest. We will donate one sappling for every sale. Lets save the planet together!!

Çapa 1
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